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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

6th June 2007, Rashi Phal, Vedic Astrology Forecasts

Morning stable and auspicious, by afternoon worries and obstacles, expenses will rise, business losses have to be protected by evening.

Very stable and auspicious period continues, professional stability is particularly ensured, some worries may be there but the divine blessing is with you to protect you.

From afternoon professional disputes must be controlled, high outflows may cause upsets in smooth flow of life, avoid that, don't be tense on the views of your boss.

Extremely auspicious period, all kinds of gains and planetary blessings, by evening realization in the minds of students will also get focused, financial stability is ensured.

Financial stability ensured, pressures and stress on you, take care of your health, confusions of mind have to be kept under control.

Generally stable for profession but from afternoon obstacles will trouble you, most promising for financial gains, you may tend to remain worried.

Professional stability good and growth is stable, financial pressures for health issues, you have to depend on your knowledge and abilities, that will lead to your growth, luck favors you adequately.

Extremely auspicious period for you efforts converting to your gains, routine pressures may bother you and keep you stressed, your fathers health may be a cause for concern.

Thinking of change of residence or place, students doing well, may go for professional education, financial inflows stable but pressures are there to bother you.

In morning emotions may rule you, by evening practical views will emerge, take care of health, children trying to devote time for studies but circumstances are not favoring you.

In morning you may be worried for health, but by afternoon you will be involved in profession, financial inflows from work stable, students continue to perform exceedingly well.

Very auspicious period, from afternoon very lucky developments may benefit you more, family happiness stable, professional disputes must be controlled, mixed influences.

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