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Saturday, June 23, 2007

23rd June, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Well being is ensured, control your psychological conflicts, business partnerships are stable and rewarding


Focus towards children and family, that will give you happiness, your efforts for interviews and wiring abilities will give success, your creativity is praiseworthy

Family is supportive, finances stable, you can achieve and you will achieve, your optimism will help you to achieve your goals in life

Worried for financial outflows or losses, business or profession is stable,, decision about partnerships needs to be re assessed, expenses are erratic and needs careful planning

Excellent indication of financial stability, planetary forces are supportive and helpful, luck favors you, divine blessing is with you, differences of opinion must be controlled

Changes in your career indicated, hidden factors need to be assessed, decide with your head and not with your heart

Generally auspicious period, you are dissatisfied, your abilities and involvement is praiseworthy, then why should you worry

Some improvement in stress which you are going through, a lot of patience is needed, your knowledge will protect you from uncertainties, have a lot of patience and faith in God

Profession is stable, psychological issues may crop up, students likely to do very well, favorable period for gains of knowledge, emotions is a weak area, have a lot of patience

Your involvement towards marriage can give happiness, even business partnerships can be profitable, generally auspicious period, take care of health

Health is a concern, your focus and hard work can do wonders towards professional advancement, family conflicts need to be handled carefully

Emotions have been upsetting in recent past, now you wish to consider that from a different angle, finances stable, marriage needs your nurturing,

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