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Thursday, June 14, 2007

14th June 2007, Rashi Phal, Vedic Astrology forecasts

Family is focus, gains from property, resolve conflicts with children, conflicts in business partnerships may be brewing

Professional efforts can give excellent results, financially strong period but uneasy, your outflows high and wasteful, you tend to be rigid in attitude

Outflows high, outflows for children travels health be careful of that, you are being too stiff and stubborn, that can lead to differences of opinion also

Excellent combination for financial inflows, don’t enter into speculative deals there can be hidden upsets in them, studies are suffering and you are not realizing that

Strong indication for change or movement in job, that will lead to financial gains, foreign connections getting activated, everything not as good as it seems, be careful

Professional and financial excellence indicated, it cant be a stronger scene, health concerns as lack of clarity, students trying to perform well, luck is favoring you in your efforts

Professional and financial stress can be there, your commitment and abilities very good, that can protect from these negative forces, luck is on your side

Very auspicious and lucky period, profession very stable, very lucky gains possible, family issues bothering you as they are becoming complicated, take decision with care

Take care of your spouse’s health, take decisions with your head and not with your heart, don’t make mistakes or you may repent later, financial pressures despite good inflows

Lot of stress on account of emotional affairs, professional commitment is good, can give foreign connections, stressful period

Your rigid ness can cause family disputes or upsets, despite confusions students doing well in studies, profession stable, health may be a cause for concern especially mental health

Emotional conflicts and setback, profession generally stable but ups and downs, differences of opinion in profession needs to be controlled.

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