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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

19th June, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Children making positive efforts, your self-confidence increasing, hard work makes your profession stable, if in some hidden relationships then think about it whether it is to your advantage

Financial gains excellent, family supports you in your desires, friends helpful, control wasteful expenses, avoid conflicts with spouse

Self-confidence erratic, you wish to perform well but emotional inclinations cause a hindrance, finances strong, family focus and support excellent, that is your achievement

Your situation stable, but you are worried about expenses and losses, don’t worry your finances and business is improving and you are doing well, some obstacles there but will be resolved soon

You are needlessly worried about change, your focus is right, God is kind, and luck is favoring you, you may look for change of job for increased financial package

Very positive indication for finances and profession, some mild obstacle may be there, try to resolve them with your efforts

Very auspicious period in profession and finances, still some financial pressures, continue to make positive efforts that can improve the situation, spouse very supportive although a bit firm in attitude, emotional inclinations are indicated

Worried about routine obstacles and pressures, health is a concern, keep calm, don’t loose temper, don’t let your aggressive attitude spoil the virtues of your लाइफ

Still agitated about the issues connected with your marriage, are being too rigid, don’t let that spoil the long term happiness and prospects of your life, profession stable as you can achieve a lot

Marital conflicts needs to be controlled, financial inflows becoming strong, profession stable but avoid conflicts, health issues may come back in the form of relapse, beware of that

Psychological issues may lead to emotional distress, profession can remain stable on two conditions – work hard and avoid arguments, health is still a concern

Family is the focus, avoid emotional conflicts, financial inflows strong, savings and asset creation stronger, health needs care, pressure on heart, exercise regularly that will help you

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