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Monday, June 11, 2007

11th June 2007, Rashi Phal, Vedic Astrology forecasts

Dissatisfied about studies, efforts good but still not focused enough, your desire to invest in property can give good results

You are stable where you are but your dreams are trying to take you away, financial and professional stability, family stress, stay focused in studies you will get excellent rewards

Worries connected with travels on your mind, obstacles in emotional inclinations, don’t be too rigid in your attitude, profession needs better focus, avoid conflicts with boss

Financial stress, family needs more funds as they are essential expenses, profession stable no worries on that

Peace and calm is the key word for happiness, God is kind to give you stable financial inflows, keep professional differences of opinion under control

Average period, worries about expenses, financial pressures, emotions can be stable and rewarding, avoid conflicts, profession stable

Professional stability excellent, financial stress may worry you, desire for higher studies may have lot of confusions attached to it

Focus on abilities and hard work, vested interests may be trying to harm you on your back, students efforts can lead to achievements

Profession stable, avoid differences with boss, he has been fed adverse things about you on your back, stay calm and continue to work hard, finances stable but your own mistakes can cause loss and outflows

Uneasy period, protect yourself form needless and hidden oppositions, emotional inclinations are for real and for long term bond

Have faith in your spouse and protect your marriage, avoid emotional differences of opinion, let the strength of your studies give you the rewards

Health concerns need care, any fever or liver infection needs to be treated, family support and happiness ensured, profession stable

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