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Monday, June 4, 2007

4th June 2007, Rashi Phal, Vedic Astrology forecasts

your emotional affairs need careful discussions, your parents and elders have to be conveyed the virtues, your focus for financial gains will be rewarding, financial gains and stability ensured.

Your family is very supportive for you, you are however worried for them, professional efforts are positive but psychological uneasiness is causing obstacles in life. Be more positive in life.

Your desire for travels can be financially rewarding, your boss may be critical and that can lead to differences of opinion, avoid that, emotional affairs are full of obstacles.

Old stuck finances may be released by some efforts, your efforts are being supported by divine blessings, too much emphasis on money can spoil family happiness.

excellent period for professional focus and gains, your involvement is praiseworthy, that will lead to your forcefulness also, but beware, that forcefulness should not hurt others.

Lucky period for profession and finances, some inbuilt obstacles will also be covered by this luck supporting you, students should make a little focused effort that can be rewarding.

Financially average period, financial disputes must be avoided, don't make financial rewards an issue in your job, students can look forward to professional studies to stabilize their career.

Some new opprotunties may come in your profession, they can be financially rewarding also, students can make good progress planetary forces supportive.
Profession very stable, some psychological uneasiness may persist, you need to create a balance in your life, financially stable but still pressures on you.
Profession very stable no issues, obstacles in emotional affairs can be upsetting, your efforts are very positive, that can give you a lot of auspiciousness.

Your spouse contributes well for family well being, despite some pressures your being together will help you both and the family, students can achieve their goals and dreams.

Profession very stable, auspiciousness well ensured, mixed influences for students, despite pressures you are trying to perform well, financial well being is ensured.

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