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Sunday, June 3, 2007

3rd June 2007, Weekly Rashi Phal, Vedic Astrology weekly forecasts

Very auspicious week, professional achievements and financial gains, investment in property can be very lucky, ascertain the documentary part fully, beware of routine kind of differences of opinion.

Worries about health and profession in the beginning of the week, improvement from Tuesday, focus shifts to professional and home/family matters, auspicious week with many gains, financial gains are well indicated.

Despite self-confidence this week is average, there are worries on your mind, worries about children about finances and above all expenses, if these expenses are for children then they are for a good cause.

Beginning and end of week are average in which there are concerns and unfounded fears, middle of the week is stable for financial gains and efforts for that, routine expenses may be the cause of some worries also.

In this week don't take any hasty decision about change of job, from Tuesday avoid argument with boss, he is supportive, don’t spoil that scene, you have misdirected thoughts towards studies.

Very stable and auspicious week to give all kinds of gains, professional and financial gains, towards the end of the week some worries about health.

Average week, good focus towards home family children, mixed and average period for profession, financial pressures continue for you.

Generally auspicious period, financial pressures continue despite good earnings, property related expenses are more committed nature of expenses, stable week no real issues.

This week gives happiness from thoughts of marriage, avoid differences with boss, profession stable, work hard to maintain that stability, some worries made up in the mind towards end of week.

Average week, studies have obstacles, you have worries for children who may not be doing well, professional and financial stability ensured.

Despite some mild concerns on your mind, this week is stable, there is nothing to worry, take care of your health, best for studies and focused efforts for gain of knowledge.

Average week, beginning of week concerns about studies or children, middle of week take care of health, end of week expenses go up, look at the positives profession stable and divine blessings are with you, then why should you worry.

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