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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

12th June 2007, Rashi Phal, Vedic Astrology forecasts

Investments prove profitable, business sand professional efforts stable and rewarding, hard work on studies will start showing results

Excellent for professional efforts, travels can be rewarding, gains from far off places, financial stability gives happiness

Far off linkages have inbuilt obstacles, business needs greater care otherwise losses can result, financial stability, you are very forceful in pushing your self

Property gains, lot of persistent obstacles, despite problems financial gains are there, focus towards work can improve all these indications

Focus towards professional efforts, involvement towards work increasing, excellent financial gains, don’t be under stress, God is kind and protection is ensured

Lucky financial inflows indicated, profession stable, avoid disputes out of uneasiness or confusions, psychological uneasiness can be the cause of many problems, keep your cool and calm

Commitment towards work is the strongest point of your focus, very lucky period, financial inflows wills tart improving now, avoid distress in marriage

Desire for change or improvement may be heavy on you, efforts for that change can lead to very auspicious results, effort for increase of knowledge can be rewarding

Health needs care, confusions and lack of interest, don’t let that spoil your professional scene, finances strong but expenses also high

Very auspicious period, boss may be watching your abilities, work hard to show case that, generally stable period, nothing to worry

Very auspicious period, take care of health, financial and professional stability ensured, your knowledge can be your strength, build on that

Obstacles may upset plans, need to improve your knowledge and skills, family supportive, profession stable

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