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Thursday, June 21, 2007

21st June, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

You want your emotions to convert into marriage, hidden issues or factors may cause tensions, focus towards family is excellent, that will give happiness, stress may spoil health, beware of that

Your involvement in profession will make you happy, you can improve that with your ability, travels may be rewarding, consider travels along with your hard work

Desire for change of place needs to be reconsidered, it may have adverse effect on your children, give due weight age to that, keep diff of opinion under control

Looking for sudden gains don’t speculate, be prepared for sudden losses also, control your expenses, profession stable, concentrate on that, well wishers support you but they have selfish motives

Worries about profession are real, efforts are not upto the mark, profession is turning weak, do something for that, mere financial strength is not enough in life

Tensions on finances, lucky inflows or circumstances will help you, profession is stable, situations of change may emerge soon, take care of health

Mo real issues, you relax and be happy, gods blessings with you, blessings of God are achieved thorough blessings of elders, do you know that

You think that change or travels will bring good luck to your profession, this is a slowed down period, don’t expect miracles, have patience

Health concerns and disputes can cause harm, control your spoken word, your hidden emotions can cause immense harm to you

Your profession is stable, worried without cause, unfounded fears and anxieties, you are causing differences around you, financial support strong

Very suspicious period, you are taking a rigid view in life, work hard and have focused goals

Health is a concern, many obstacles are around you, keep a balanced view, emotional conflicts are there have faith in God as always

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