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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

20th June, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Focus and efforts towards studies, emotional affairs may give you tensions, finances remain strong, that gives you the sense of self-confidence,

Some worries for home and family, you will gain from family support, have no tensions, divine blessings are with you. must avoid wasteful expenses and speculative deals

Efforts focused but results slow to come by, think before you speak, your faith can move mountains, financial stability is ensured

Worries for possible losses are real, protect yourself from that, profession is strong and rewarding, you will gain from that, children doing professional studies will gain with efforts, others will have to work hard

Slightly tense period, financially stable, indecision in professional matters, differences of opinion need to be controlled, friends will support you, luck is on your side and that will protect you

Worries for change or movement may upset you, disagreements may complicate the decision further, ups and downs of your efforts may cause obstacles, stay focused only then you will achieve

Finances stable and lucky, your indecisive thinking is the root of problems, have patience and a lot of faith in God, that will help you,

Obstacles and stress in your job, it is a passing phase, no real harm may be caused, your forceful ways will help you to overcome the weaknesses, don’t hurt anyone with your forceful ways

You are doing fine but worries whether you are on the right track, don’t indulge in a hidden relationship, it will cause immense harm to you

Health is a concern, your marital relationships may be under stress if you are trying to hide anything, financial pressures may further complicate several issues, be careful

Your emotions are strong but the decision about marriage may cause of lot of tensions, positive efforts may give professional gains, that is your strength

Health needs a thorough check up, only then you will be out of tensions, generally favorable period, that will help you in many ways, don’t let family and marital differences spoil the strength of your life

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