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Thursday, June 28, 2007

28th June, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

average period, hard work gain of knowledge and focus towards finances are the key words, avoid any kind of arguments
excellent period and focus, your concentration on work is giving you good rewards, benefit from these forces till the going is good,
mild worries about health in the morning, everything will be alright, mixed influences, some obstacles some blessings, kabhi dhoop kabhi chhaon, yehi zindagi hai
weak period, stress and tensions, expenses may bother you, remain stable dong push for changes in life, that may be upsetting
mild concerns about health in the morning, stability and financial gains in the evening, God is kind, lot of divine blessing, be thankful to God
good news in the evening, generally favorable period, some obstacles connected with profession, control that with your committed effort
very auspicious period, be thankful to God for all the virtues, your focus towards work will bring excellent gains
some pressure of work by evening may bother you, routine type of pressures may be taken in your stride
very favorable period, self confidence and determination is very strong, efforts and involvement in work is lacking, emotional conflicts need to be controlled
generally favorable period, by evening some tensions or financial disputes, you need to control your expenses
health needs care, keen to borrow funds for business expansion, assess your plans first, don’t enter into a risky or loosing venture
luck is helping you even in loosing propositions, don’t risk your money in doubtful deals, increase your knowledge and skills that can become your strength

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