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Saturday, June 9, 2007

9th June 2007, Rashi Phal, Vedic Astrology forecast

Try to focus on profession and finances, desire for change may not be right, reconsider that, remember fate is not supporting you, only your hard work is

Excellent period for professional focus, you want to change or travels, let decisions emerge after careful planning, financially excellent period

Mixed influences, positive self confidence, generally auspicious period, finances stable, any change may not be as rewarding, boss may not be supportive

Obstacles connected with change, profession remains stable, don’t spoil its stability, educational involvement focused, you wish to go far away for studies, finances stable no worries

Health needs care, worries on that may be real, profession is generally stable, don’t let differences of opinion spoil that stability, excellent period for financial stability, be thankful to god for all these virtues

Worries about health, take another opinion for clarity of diagnosis, nothing serious but investigations may be needed, profession stable and very focused

Very auspicious period, profession stable, luck is favoring you, your focus also pointed, generally nothing to worry, finances under pressure

Focus for travel, that may be rewarding, you may get excellent opportunities, your worries for children still continuing

Weak period, obstacles and concerns, professional differences of opinion need to be controlled, luckily it is a Saturday and if office is closed then protection, don’t let confusions in your profession determine your decisions

Stable period for finances and profession, health related confusions may be clarified, you need to work hard for studies and interviews

Health may be a concern, don’t let that worry you, lot of protection on that, business losses or outflows may worry you, students performing well, keep it up

Professional stability, family happiness, studies are suffering, that needs to be understood, make amends otherwise setback

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