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Friday, June 22, 2007

22nd June, Vedic Astrology forecasts, Rashi Phal

Self confidence high, emotional distress bothers you, efforts in studies smooth, generally favorable period, don’t let conflicts or differences spoil that

Knowledge is your strength, professional achievements linked to your efforts, avoid arguments in family

Family support excellent, financial strength is reflected, patience needed in handling professional issues, financial inflows stable, savings under threat, if investing in property then financial pressures may be there

Be careful about written and spoken word, expenses may bother you, profession stable but you are not happy with financial package, protection needed in obstacles and conflicts, mixed influences

Excellent indication for financial prosperity, younger brother or sister may be a source of tension, you are very forceful and planets support you for that, luck favors you

Prof focus rewarding, efforts praiseworthy, support form associates help you, don’t let confusion of mind determine your financial decisions

Financial situation stable, yet you are worried, don’t let financial issues determine your professional decisions, that can be misleading, generally favorable period

Financial and professional pressures may bother you, children can be a source of tensions, that will continue for a while, don’t plan travels yet

Professional focus returns now, take advantage of that, devote time and energies for professional achievements, God is kind, don’t indulge in self created mistakes in life

Differences with boss must be kept under control, profession stable, undercurrent of differences are there, family support stable, finances comfortable

Emotions must be transparent, that will protect your from conflicts, your positive hard work can lead to immense gains

Financial stability ensured, conflicts must be avoided, your emotions have inherent conflicts, business is stable and rewarding

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